Schaumburg Small Business Business Development Ideas

Practical Business Development and Marketing Ideas for Your Schaumburg Small Business – All In One Place

Is your local small business in any of the following areas?

  • Elk Grove Village
  • Hanover Park
  • Hoffman Estates
  • Rolling Meadows (south edge)
  • Roselle
  • Schaumburg
  • Streamwood

If “Yes” then you’re very welcome to the #2 business development and marketing resource Schaumburg small business owner. – Our Mission

The goal of this resource site is very simple:

“To eliminate Schaumburg small business failure”

Do you sometimes feel like your business isn’t getting you the things you want it to, then you’ll find proven, tried and tested business development and marketing solutions that will help you eliminate those barriers…permanently.

How Do I Know This Is For Me? The 30-Second Test

That’s a great question and one that we often get asked by Schaumburg small business owners.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all situation, there are some undeniable traits that businesses that are not doing well share.

Since you’re already here, why not take this quick ‘marketing health-check’ to discover how your local Schaumburg small business is doing? No one knows you’re taking it and you’re guaranteed to learn things about your business you never knew before.

Take the FREE 30-second audit now:

  1. Are you happy with the performance of your Schaumburg small business right now?
  2. Are you meeting your revenue goals (forget about exceeding them for now)?
  3. Are you meeting your profit goals?
  4. Are you confident that your current marketing is giving you the ROI (Return On Investment) that you seek or were promised?
  5. Do you have metrics to provide you with undeniable evidence that what you’re doing to market and grow your Schaumburg small business is actually working?
  6. Do you know what your 3 closest competitors are doing online (and offline), including how they are using social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Video marketing, Article marketing etc?
  7. Do you have marketing systems that turn casual browsers, in your store and online, into buyers?
  8. Does your Schaumburg small business use an email marketing campaign right now to attract and excite prospects and also maintain loyalty with existing customers or clients so they buy more from you more often?
  9. Do you have someone dedicated to managing the marketing activities in your business or do you just ‘let it happen,’ ‘go with the sales rep who sweet talks you the best‘ or even worse, you leave it to your ‘website designer person‘?

The sad truth is that if you can’t answer “Yes” to all of these questions, it’s very likely that your business isn’t serving you right now. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t ‘exist’ it means that your Schaumburg small business is most likely not fulfilling the goals and dreams you have … and you know it.

You can turn that around and start to see changes within the next 30 days if you do the right things in the right order.

If you want to know more about how to do this, simply get in touch. Remember, we’re a Schaumburg small business too so go ahead and contact us


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